Here are the program notes, examiner review, and some audio excerpts from my Diploma in Piano Performance recital. I researched and prepared a program whose underlying theme was pedagogy and experimentation in keyboard repertoire from the 1720s to the 1980s.

Even if I haven't performed seriously in a long while, this Diploma remains one of my most significant accomplishments—the culmination of a journey that began when I was 7, and a fascinating way for me to explore the power of learning as a cognitive phenomenon and creative process.

📝 Program Notes

🎵 Recital Review

🎧 Excerpts from Recital (recorded with my iPhone)

Beethoven, Sonata in A flat (‘Funeral March’), Op. 26

Scherzo, Allegro molto

Maestoso andante, Marcia funebre sulla morte d'un eroe

Bartok, Six Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm (from 'Mikrokosmos', vol. 6)

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